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This site is deliberately intended to be reminiscent of my old website on UK Linux at stafford.uklinux.net, or at least the home page is anyway. That no longer exists; life moves on. If you really want to see what it was like parts of it (no backgrounds) are still on the Wayback Machine.

The original site was created using XML for the main content of the pages and some custom XSL-T templates which wrapped them with the HTML boilerplate and generated the navigation menu. It is now maintained as a set of Commonmark files processed with a Python wrapper round the Jinja2 templating system. A rather more developed version of the Python script can be found here.

Rather than using a third-party template for this site, I decided to make a CSS only site with no Javascript. It’s a work in progress – it’s not fully responsive yet, I’ll get around to that eventually.