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I am the author of a number of open source projects, most notably libESMTP. libESMTP has been around for some time now – almost 20 years – and may be found in many Linux distributions and in BSD ports. The Balsa email client was an early adopter of libESMTP.

I have contributed code to a number of projects; most recently I added the image file metadata subsystem for GEGL. I have made a number of other open source projects available on GitHub. The following is a synopsis of some of them; see my GitHub account for more information.


PocPlot is simple GTK3/GObject graph plotting library. I needed some nice looking plots in another project. Many years ago I used GtkExtra but this was never ported to GTK3, possibly because it was too complex a task, so I decided to sketch out some ideas and write my own.


This is a collection of extensions modules I have used over the years with libxslt. I decided to collect them together give them with a proper build system and documentation (as much for my own benefit, I wrote some of this years ago and memory fades).


Halcyon originated as a Python script mainly to learn about Jinja2 templates. A secondary reason was to sharpen my Python skills as it’s a couple of years since I used Python in anger and I wanted to start something from scratch in Python 3.


Related to Halcyon – this was written partly to refresh my memory on the Python C API and because it was surprisingly difficult to find a satisfactory Python interface to either the Commonmark reference implementation.


The world’s dumbest dumb terminal. I needed a terminal with XMODEM to talk to an embedded target. XMODEM was required to download a bootstrap program – dictated by the processor’s firmware. Try as I might I could not get any of the usual terminal emulators with XMODEM support to work; hence dumb. I wasn’t alone in this, I’ve given copies of dumb to people in a number of companies over the years.

A small Http library is available on this site.